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Lost and stolen passports


Why does travel insurance matter?

Losing your passport while travelling can be inconvenient but it does not have to be a disaster. There are some simple steps to follow to help make sure you will get a replacement travel document in the shortest time possible and our cheap travel insurance can provide compensation associated with the loss.


What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance policies might compensate you for the loss of a passport while abroad. Reasonable compensation will be paid for the additional costs incurred in replacing the passport, but not usually the cost of the passport itself. This is because British Consulates usually provide an Emergency Travel Document (ETD) valid for a single or a return journey, rather than a permanent replacement.


Did you know?
 27,000 – The number of lost or stolen passports report by British nationals in 2009. (20)



Where cover is provided and you have to travel to another town to pick up a replacement passport:

• Policies do cover travel costs.

• Policies might reimburse costs for a temporary replacement passport or documents.

• Providers typically do not cover fees charged by the British Consulate or the UK Passport Service for replacing a passport.

When making a claim, any receipts for all expenses will be required.

As soon as you discover your passport is missing you must report your lost or stolen passport to the local police and to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), Embassy or High Commission of the country you are in.

To speed up the replacement of your passport if it is lost or stolen, make a photocopy and store it separately from the original.


(20) British Behaviour Abroad. Foreign & Commonwealth Office, July 2010.


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