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Frequently Asked Questions - Onlinetravelcover.com


Booking a Policy

Can I book travel insurance safely online?

If I book travel insurance online, what do I receive?

Can I book last minute?

Do I get an invoice?

At what time of day does my policy start and end?


Cover and Claims

I have a 'Family annual multi-trip policy - are my children covered if we go on separate holidays?

One of the persons to be covered on the policy has an existing medical condition, can I still have cover under your policies?

What should I do if any of my personal belongings are stolen or lost?

Will the policy cover me for taking part in dangerous sporting activities?

If I have a winter sports insurance policy, can I ski or snowboard off-piste?

If the runs are closed in my resort, can I claim for not being able to ski or snowboard?

How do I make a claim?



Who are my insurers?

Are you regulated and authorized by the FCA?

What type of policy do I need?

Maximum age of cover?

How do you define a couple?

What happens if, after reading my policy document, I don't think it is suitable?

Do I need to take my policy documentation with me when travelling abroad?

What if I have a medical emergency when I'm on a trip?



I want to upgrade from a single trip to an annual policy, can I?

I bought the wrong cover, do I get charged an admin fee to amend?

I bought the cover in error, when do I get my refund?

What does the 14-day cooling-off period mean?