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    Over 55 travel insurance

    Comprehensive travel insurance covers the policyholder for insurable events that may occur before or during travel, such as trip cancellation/interruption, medical expenses for injury or illness, theft of valuables, baggage damage and more. The cost of travel insurance is based on the type of cover requested, the age of the insured, the destination of travel, length of stay, type of activities covered and whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions. We have a wide range of available travel insurance policies available to suit all needs.

    Over 55 travel insurance cover is available for:

    Individuals, Couples of either sex who reside at the same address and families and their dependent children

    Durations between 1 day and 18 months

    Cover for trips in the United Kingdom, Europe, Worldwide including Australia, United States & Canada

    Travellers aged between 56 and 84

    A wide range of sporting activities including skiing, diving, bungee jumping

    Travellers with pre-existing medical conditions

    The fine print:

    Travel insurance is a contract. Always read the product disclosure statement and ensure that you understand exactly what your policy covers. Travel insurance is not unlimited and terms and conditions and excesses do apply. Make sure your insurance policy covers you for the activities you plan to participate in and is valid for the duration of your trip. Clarify any specific policy issues directly with the insurer.

    Medical coverage and pre-existing conditions

    Ensure that medical cover is adequate for possible expenses in the country you are going to visit. In some parts of the world medical costs can be very expensive. Remember that whilst you may have an EHIC card which provides reciprocal emergency health care, this only applies to member EU states and will not cover additional fees such as repatriation costs back to the United Kingdom etc. In order to ensure you are covered correctly it is very important that you declare any pre-existing medical conditions you or anyone you are travelling with or intend to stay with may have.

    Limits and exclusions

    There are standard general exclusions on most types of travel insurance policies. These can include acts of civil unrest, self-inflicted injury, loss/theft of unattended baggage, loss/theft of cash, and pre-existing medical conditions. Some travel insurance policies may be invalidated where injuries are sustained as a result of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Standard travel insurance policies may also exclude 'dangerous' or 'extreme' activity, such as snowboarding or surfing, rock climbing, kite surfing, hunting, bungee jumping and scuba diving. In some cases you can pay an additional premium to cover such activities. Generally, cover for luggage and personal belongings is limited and expensive items such as cameras, laptops and/or jewellery may have a per-item limit. In some cases you can pay an additional premium to cover valuables to a pre-determined amount.